The North American Guild of Beer Writers (NAGBW) is the leading member organization of beer writers, authors, reporters, and podcasters who cover the beer industry. 

Some of us do it for fun, others make a living, or at least a portion of it, covering beer and brewing. We tirelessly cover the brewing industry and those who appreciate beer.

We are a group dedicated to elevating the level of our craft as we cover the art of brewing. We are serious in our purpose, but strive to enjoy ourselves in doing our jobs.

Consider joining NAGBW to help shape our efforts to support and nurture better coverage of beer, while also increasing opportunities for our members.

We host annual awards that highlight the accomplishments of our members. We also support the annual Diversity in Beer Writing Grant, with a goal to highlight the value of stories that can showcase diversity and inclusion – in all its forms and challenges – within beer.

Latest on the blog: 

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A conversation about telling stories in today’s media climate, the challenges of reporting for mainstream and niche audiences, and how we can explore new ideas in 2021.

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Averie Swanson talks about the passion, process, and positivity of creating mixed-culture beers and the importance of finding new flavor experiences.

Interviewing an Interviewer: Jesse Thorn
A conversation about interviewing, interviewing skills, and anecdotes that will change the way you talk to sources.

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